GEORGE BRUNO   Producer/Bass/Vocals

Producer, Player, Songwriter, Arranger, George has been involved in music since the age of 14. Although in the early years he was at the roots of Rock 'n Roll he soon developed a taste for Jazz and other styles of musicthat has lasted to this day. His interest in Variety performance & Theatre led to him becoming one of Sydney's most in demand orchestrators. This developed into a long lasting career in recording, producing and later music education. Over the years he has founded, developed and managed Quintone Productions Pty Limited, a company that has made a notable impact in the entertainment industry and in the corporate events industry. As a result, he is constantly being asked to join various advisory panels and committees and to adjudicate in talent development projects/contests. At present, George is operating a new record label ? Squeeze Records, with the aim to record and promote Aussie talent, with the emphasis placed on using "Real Musicians" and supporting "Live Performers" as opposed to "virtual musicians" and "synthesized" music.

Studies: Guitar, with Allan Pringle & Don Andrews. Advanced Jazz Harmony & Improvisation with David Levy. Bass with Ed Gaston, Piano with Allan Harbourne & Werner Friedrichs, Arranging and Composition Techniques with Howie Smith at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Studied The Schillinger Method of Musical Composition with William (Bill) Motzing.

The Player: George has worked with the cream of Australian and international talent. These include Peter Allen, Robert Palmer, Johnny Mathis, Col Joye, The Seekers, John Farnham, Debbie Byrne, Howard Keel, Debbie Reynolds, Julie Anthony etc. TV work encompasses a wide variety of shows. Among these are Hey Hey It's Saturday, Bert Newton Show, the At Home Show, The Midday Show, Don Lane Show, the Jeannie Little Show, the Naked Vicar Show and scores of others.

The Record Producer: The very first album he produced was Lee Conway's "Australian Country" which in 1972 won the Tamworth Country Festival "Best Album Of The Year Award". That success was followed by several years of refining his talent as a freelance producer, working for various labels as Arranger-Producer in the development of up-and-coming "new" talent. In later years, George found he had an interest in not only producing records but also in Song writing, writing Jingles and Stage and Television production. These credits include the Producing, Arranging and playing on the now famous "I Still Call Australia Home" recording with the late Peter Allen. For the 1988 Bi-Centennial celebrations he wrote and produced the song "Australia" also Sunburnt Country (Tony Hatch Jackie Trent) as recorded by Kamahl. George also created one of the longest running jingle slogans; "What a Great Idea... St George" which continued to be used for many years. His discography includes recording with The Electric Chamber Orchestra-Morning Opus 1 and producing tracks for Squeeze Records, notably Ross Maio's The Squeezer-Cocktails At Oasis 3.

Stage and Theatre: George has been Musical Director for the original Australian theatre production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story. Later, writing and producing "An American Dream", then came " Martinis With a Twist", "Feelin' Groovy", "Fiesta Filipina Live", "Italo Kanguri" and the popular original production of "Cliff & The Shadows", a cabaret show which had gained popularity all over Australia and overseas. George has produced close to 950 corporate events and about 300 jingles and every year since its inception, the "Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute's Freshest Ball". Most current is his involvement in producing and performing in "Frankie 4 All Seasons".

Credentials: George is currently Vice President and Hon. Member of MAGA Inc. and was advisor to The Freshest Ball committee for Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. He spent a year on the Board of the MO Awards, raising funds and securing sponsorships.

Charities: Handicapped Children, Legacy, Salvation Army, Smith Family, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Lord Baden Powell Society, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Mitchell Library, Kids with Cancer Foundation, Sutherland Hospital, Westmead Hospital and Police Association.


Walter Ciappara sang and tried to make music almost from the cradle. He studied guitar and bass guitar for several years before joining his first band in 1975, The Blue Dolphins, as bass player and vocalist. Working with a top 40's covers band like The Blue Dolphins for 15 years helped Walter evolve into a highly talented and experienced musician. Realizing that he had a unique sounding voice with a natural falsetto, he began to concentrate more on his singing talent. Then in 1989 Walter had his first production show called 'Working 4 The Man, a Roy Orbison tribute show that worked the Sydney clubs for 8 years.

Having developed a taste for the "Production Shows" in 1997 Walter ventured into a second production show called Cocker Down Under (9 piece band) this show went on to work for 10 years. It was during this long stint with Cocker Down Under that Walter struck a close friendship with drummer Garry Lyons. They both went on to perform in East Coast Horns (also a 9 piece band) and the Red Corvette. This friendship was to eventually lead to bigger and brighter things.

Having owned a sound production company for several years, Walter moved on to producing recordings. For a number of years he recorded and produced various bands, but in 2010 something happened that would change the direction of his musical career. Walter went to see the theatre show Jersey Boys and was astounded by the amount of hits that Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons had recorded. He wondered whether he could adapt his falsetto style of singing to sound like Frankie Valli. He did and this was the start of a challenging journey.

Sounding like 'Frankie' was only the beginning; his dream came to life when he approached a dear friend George Bruno. With George's vast experience as producer of many club shows and endless corporate events for support plus his own uncanny 'Frankie Valli' voice they tackled this new project. In Walter's own words: "Playing the lead role of 'Frankie' in the show Frankie 4 All Seasons was to become my biggest challenge ever".

GARRY LYONS   Drums & Vocals

Born into a part time acting & musical family, Garry's first musical influences came from his parents' love of music, stage shows and plays. Growing up, he had access to a wide variety of musical influences which included, big band-swing, jazz, Broadway Show music, Rock, Country and the most contemporary styles of the day. It wasn't long before his pursuit of music became a priority.

Garry first cut his teeth with music by learning to play the piano for a year before switching to drums. He studied music and drums during the 1970's while still attending school. At the age of 14, he was playing in the orchestra of the local amateur theatre group, performing in shows like 'South Pacific', 'The Boy Friend' and 'God Spell' to name a few, thus gaining experience as a disciplined musician.

In late 1979 at the age of 18, Garry played in his very first professional band, 'Midnight Express'. From this point on, Garry was constantly involved in music for every year of his career. Some of those bands and acts he played with are: RCA signed 'China Doll', 'Shaylee Wilde', 'Cruise Control' (recorded), 'GMT', the blues bands, 'The Blue Sirs'; 'Phil Knight', 'Gin House Blues Band', 'Straight Shooters', 'Snake Oil' (recorded). Large production shows included, 'Cocker Down Under', 'The East Coast Horns' and 'The Fabulous Badwigs' - Beach party & Motown show. Garry's musical experience spans 36 years of playing in many varied styles of music and acts. He lays down a solid groove that other musos love to play along with, and audiences can "groove" to.

Garry's latest musical endeavor is singing harmony and background vocals. He plays drums and sings backing vocals in Frankie 4 All Seasons show, also taking part in a solo performance. Garry is the engine room and heart of the band.

DANUL STEWART   Guitar & Vocals

Danul has completed a Bachelor of Music and has worked in the music industry as a Producer/Engineer, Session Musician, Songwriter and Teacher for 13 years.
As a teacher and tutor, Danul has shared his knowledge and passion for music with upwards of 300 people in classrooms, music schools and private lessons throughout Sydney. Currently he runs his own music school in Burwood, Sydney – ‘Both Worlds School of Music’.

 As a producer/engineer, Danul has worked with many artists and bands of varying genres in projects spanning from bedroom demos to full length albums and in roles as simple as tracking engineer or pro-tools editor to producer or session musician. Mostly working at home or in-house at 'The Sonic Factory' Studios in Belmore; Danul has started his own portable production/recording business to help facilitate projects with more modest recording budgets that still require studio quality results.
As a guitarist/songwriter, Danul has worked with many bands contributing anything as small as one guitar track on a recording to being a full time member. Currently, he is musical director and guitarist/backing vocalist with Aria award winning X-Factor Winner Altiyan Childs with whom he has played two east coast tours and many promotional appearances live and on television. Danul also plays and sings in acoustic covers duo/trio ‘Hand Picked’ and in rock duo/trio ‘Replika’ playing gigs in pubs/clubs and corporate/private functions throughout Sydney.

 The ‘Frankie 4 All Seasons’ showband is the latest challenge and Danul is enjoying the chance to work in a different arena, working with some experienced musicians and creating those magic four part vocal harmonies that were so vital to the sound of the ‘The Four Seasons’.

GRAHAM LOCKWOOD   Keyboards & Vocals

Graham has worked as a professional keyboard player for most of his life, both in the UK and then in Australia since 1979. During his career, he has toured and played with an endless list of UK artistes in the British Pop scene.

In Australia he had a meteoric rise as an outstanding pianist with memorable stints as a member of the Warren Daley Big band. Having been musical director for many local artistes including John Rowles, he is also on the short-list of musical directors for many imported shows. The ground swell continued as he made his mark on the Sydney night-life scene as the resident pianist at the iconic Bourbon & Beefsteak Bar. During this time he also operated a small recording studio, taught keyboards and worked as a member of the Zips Showband. One of Graham "bonus" talents is his experience as a show-band performer, with a variety of "characters" under his belt.

Graham says: "Late in 2010 George Bruno contacted me with the proposal for me to be included in the line-up for a new show, "Frankie 4 All Seasons". I remembered those hits the Four Seasons had in the early 1960's and thought that a concept show based on Frankie Valli and his mates' music would be a "hit". With the 'Frankie' voice being in the person of Sydney based singer Walter Ciappara and with the line-up of great musicians that sing and harmonise as well as they do, well... the decision was easy! Impressively, each member has been able to contribute hugely to the show and the experience that George has had with top quality club/cabaret shows has rubbed off on this new show. I look forward to recording our first CD/DVD so that members of the audience can take away with them a little bit of magic that is F4AS".


Rachel had an early start in music, singing harmony duets with her classically trained mother, then eagerly participated in any musical activity that came her way. Through her church group, she was introduced to group singing and soon began singing in church choirs and other vocal groups. It wasn't long before Rachel as a teenager, joined a girl singing quartet with large focus on harmonies.

This created in Rachel a desire to perform not only in groups but also as a soloist. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before she was asked to sing at funerals, engagement parties, church conferences and other functions. She later joined a singer/songwriter, guitarist ? singing folk and Christian songs all over South East Queensland. She learned to play guitar so that she could accompany herself and perform independently. Before embarking on an exciting string of musical excursions, she firstly satisfied her hunger for learning. Her education is quite solid, with completed studies on many levels:

Studies: Bachelor Degree of Primary teaching, Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood.
Bronze Medallion: Royal Life Saving Society, QLD.
June Dally Watkins: Studied modelling and deportment.

In 1995 Rachel travelled to the US, residing in Los Angeles for several years where she continued to sing alto in several church choirs and vocal groups. The L.A. experience inevitably led to Gospel singing, she learned from many fantastic African/American choir artists, soon becoming part of various church driven musical productions in L.A.

Rachel confesses: "I'm passionate about singing, playing guitar and I just love 50's/60's music and Rock 'n Roll dancing!". She has performed in various shows around the Sydney clubs which led to her meeting Walter Ciappara. When he told her about his new project, she jumped at the chance to be part of the Frankie 4 All Seasons show. Rachel is the backbone of the vocal group, with a super keen ear; she has transcribed lyrics and most of the original harmonies for the rest of the group.
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